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The Lucara Diamond: A 1,111 Carat Giant!

The Lucara Diamond is the world's largest diamond discovery in the last century, weighing in at a magnificent 1,111 carats.
The stone, which is the second largest discovery of all time, was discovered in November 2015 in Botswana, just over the South African border. The white-in-colour diamond is described to be of gem quality and is estimated to be worth upwards of $60 Million.

The mine which housed the stone has been operated by a Canadian Diamond Miner, Lucara Diamond Corp, since 2012. According to a company statement, the large stone's discovery would not have been possible without the use of modern technology.

In 1905, The Cullinan Diamond was discovered in South Africa and weighed in at 3106.75 carats. Till today, the Cullinan Diamond holds the record as the largest gem-quality diamond ever discovered, and is valued upwards of $400 Million.

The Southern African region remains the world's number one exploration region for finding gem-quality stones of amazing size and value.

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South Africa's Flawless Blue Moon Sets World Record!

The Cullinan will forever be remembered as the diamond of diamonds. And so will the mine which housed this magnificent stone. A flawless blue diamond weighing in at 29.6 carats, discovered at the Cullinan Mine in January 2014, has been sold for a whopping $48.6 Million. The stone was purchased in November 2015 by a private collector in Hong Kong.

The sale of the Blue Moon Diamond has set a world record for any stone, as well as per carat.
De Beers sold The Cullinan Mine along with several other diamond rich mines to Petra Diamonds in 2009. Blue diamonds make up a tenth of a percentage point of stones found at the mine- making this stone a very rare find. The Cullinan, the world's largest diamond discovery, was a white diamond.

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